Collection: Summer Wine Fair Retail List

Here's a collection of the wines that we all tried at the Summer Wine Fair at Buyers Club on Sunday 30th July. 

Please get in touch with Dead Thirsty Wine Club and Legs Wine to buy any of their bottles - afraid we may not stock them! But we'll add to the collection if we do...

Clos de Jagueyron Risk Takers

Cyril Fhal La Femme Soleil

Alessandro Viola Rose

La Chateau Mondouze

Les Funambules Soif!

Daterra Camino de la Frontera

Reflektief Palomino

Kabelland Cinsault

Bosbrand Carignan

Tattarrattat Carbonic Merlot

Perusini Ramoto Pinot Grigio

Kha Me Amphora Rioja

COS Frappato

Radford Dale Thirst Cinsault

Le Roc Ambulle Negrette Petilant

Little Pomona Table Cider

Comunica Suc de Saulo

Miras Naranjo

El Marujo Librares Rioja