Collection: Francois Ducrot

François Ducrot is a vine magician, born & raised in Burgundy! After graduating in 2006 as a trained oenologist at the Institut de la Vigne et du Vin in Dijon, he started as Maître de Chai (master of the cellar) for Domaine Enclos de la Croix, in Lansargues.

Although the vineyard had used organic farming techniques since the early ‘80s, through his environmental philosophy, François pushed the Domaine to officially obtain the Organic certification. In 2011 they reached this goal under his tenure. He then went on to modify the vinification process to remove the use of all animal based products during winemaking & limit the addition of sulphites as much as possible. Today, these same practices are a part of Maison François Ducrot’s mantra. 

All their wines are organic, vegan, low or free of sulphites & as natural as possible. Not just to show off the varietals & terroir, but also what nature has to offer when in the hands of a skilled artisan winemaker... Less is often more, which is proven in the final product! 

The vineyard consists of twenty-three hectares of single vineyard blocks, passed down through generations into eight separate parcels. Here he dreamed of a domain attached to its roots & inspired by a responsible & sustainable future. François runs the estate with his daughter Agathe who shares his ethos. Their vision was to make wines from cleaner soils, where trees, wild animals, grape vines & families could live together in harmony.

This collection ‘Les Moutons’ is named after their favourite natural weed killer… SHEEEEEP!