Bertani Recioto Della Valpolicella

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    • Region - Veneto
    • Grape - Valpolicella blend
    • Method of production - Conventional 
    • Alcohol - 13%
    • Vintage - 2017

    Bertani produces Recioto with two grapes grown in the hills of the Valpantena, the same varieties used to make Amarone using the smallest bunches with the best exposure to the sun, then dried on the traditional “arele”, bamboo racks, for about three months. The typical notes of cherry are brought out by the unusual ageing in cherry wood barrels and eventually become a concentration of morello and sour cherry. Recioto is dense and velvety but never cloying; it leaves the palate clean (with an aftertaste of walnuts?) that makes it unique among sweet wines: sweet, intense red with elegant oak tannins.

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